Conference Papers

2017 CAPANA Conference Papers

Submission or Presenting Author Authors Paper title Discussant
Laura Li Laura Li, Shuyang Wang, Wei Zhu Differential Cash versus Accrual Persistence and Performance Target Setting
Rong Huang, Baruch College
Sunny Yang David Weber, Sunny Yang The Debt-Equity Choice When Regulatory Thresholds are Based on Equity Values: Evidence from SOX 404
Oliver Li, National University of Singapore
Luo Zuo Xianjie He, SP Kothari, Tusheng Xiao, Luo Zuo Long-Term Impact of Economic Conditions on Auditors’ Judgment
Susan Shu, Boston College
Helen Zhang Xiaoli Tian, Haiwen Zhang Impact of FAS 166/167 on the Securitization of Credit Card Loans
Yiwei Dou, New York University
Yakun Wang Donal Byard, Yakun Wang The Impact of Public Disclosure on Information Asymmetry between Sophisticated and Unsophisticated Investors: Evidence from an Investor Social Media Network
Isabel Wang, Michigan State University
Huai Zhang Truc Thuc Do, Huai Zhang Peer Effects Among Financial Analysts
Stan Markov, Southern Methodist University
Hong Fan Liqiang Chen, Hong Fan Monetary and Nonmonetary Incentives for Tax Planning in Chines SOEs
Ole-Kristian Hope, University of Toronto
Yinghui Chen Yinghui Chen, Julan Du Does Regulatory Reform of Cumulative Voting Improve Minority Shareholder Protection?
Xiumin Martin, Washington University in St. Louis